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Welcome to read about educational and ecological initiatives between Europe and India !

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Welcome to EUmIND eJournals !

 EUMIND - Europe meets India
Educational and ecological initiatives between Europe and India
EUMIND is a platform for networking between schools in India and Europe. EUMIND schools run internet based eJournal projects. Many Eumind schools also organise study visits of teachers / headmasters and exchanges of students.
The cooperation started in 2006 in Mumbai and Panchgani area with schools from Finland and the Netherlands.  EUMIND was officially established in 2008 in Mumbai.
Delhi network (with seconday schools from more EU-countries)  and primary school network have been  established in 2012

One of the highlights of Eumind activities.  India Day  Westerlo Belgium. May 2010


eJournal projects
Exchanges / Visits
Eumind uses the tool eJournals that has been developed within the framework of the EU funded Compact network. eJournals have a built-in Videoconferencing room.
Students conduct research with the help of project scenarios on general themes as Go Green, Values, Regions, Human Rights. .
About 4200 Indian and European students have
participated in the  eJournal projects
 Since the start of the exchange programmes in 2008 690 students have taken part in an exchange programme or in a Community service programme
Click here to read more about the exchanges
67 European headmasters and teachers have visited EUMIND schools  (2007-2011).
Several Indian headmasters, chairperson Fr. Joe Saldanha (+), chairperson mrs. Jessie Vas and Shijo, eJournal trainer, visited European schools.

Eumind Flyer Oct 2013 Eumind Flyer Oct 2013
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